Cloudy Day - Teepee FULL Set

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Teepee Tent - Wigwam - the place where your child can stop for a minute. Can rest, read a book or just using his imagination play an Indian. Our teepee tent is perfect place for your child to just calm down after full day of attractions. It is place where kids can feel safe and play along all day.

This teepee is made from only colour fabrics. All our fabrics are 100% high quality cotton and they comfor to all european standards.
Teepee Tent consist of 4 wooden poles of 180cm height (5ft9").
Play mats and pillows are made from 100% cotton fabrics and they are filled in with thick silk wadding.
The play mat size: 100cm x 100cm.
The Height of Teepee Tent (playing area) is 160cm (4ft9").

You can always store your teepee tent by putting it into our teepee storage bag - so you do not need to worry about extra space for wigwam storage.
Our storage bag is 160cm hight and will store teepee + playmat inside.

The price includes: Teepee Tent with 4 poles, matching playmat, 2 soft pillows, fabric bunting and storage bag

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Inspired by Small Hands with Big Hearts.