Baby Play Gym - Mint Frame


Our Beautiful wooden play gym is made from plain solid wood and covered by non toxic paints.
It allows baby to play with natural hanging mobile accessories and develop hand-eye coordination.

Baby's hand-eye coordination starts to develop around 3 months of age. A baby notices toys he would like to hold, and attempts to pick them up. The baby play gym is the best entertainment for your child. It allows baby to be flat on his back, on the soft play mat and swipe at the fun. Hanging a mobile accessories over your little baby will enspire him to reach for toys and tug them toward him.

Wooden play gym is minimalistic, modern decor in any nursery or baby's room. It can be stored flat, after removing the middle rod and it does not take much space.

Each Wooden Play Gym includes 3 mobile toys (colours may vary). 
Play Gym dimensions: 60cm tall x 70cm long x 40cm deep

Current Turnaround Time: up to 2 weeks

Category Nursery